Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. The app I was going to use on my phone had trouble connecting and the WiFi connection in my hotel room wasn't working either. *grumble*

Yesterday was a blast! I spent most of the day on the Symbian stand showing off one of our two ScreenPlay demos (I'll cover it in more detail in a later post). Lots of people came by and seemed to be interested (though I suspect some were just after the coffee!). There were a few bloggers stopping by too - one was from the Mobile Game Developer Magazine which looks like an interesting site for... well... mobile game developers. We also had Norman from Symbian World stop by - another interesting blog worth checking out! I wonder if the AAS boys or some of the folk will stop by too - come on guys, you know you want to!

Cafe Latte with leaf-like pattern in the milk foam

In the evening there was the Symbian party which was excellent. There was plenty of food and drink and music by the Pinker Tones. I would say it was kind of funky electro music, but I'm not too good with the old music genres, so why not judge for yourself? In any case it was a lot of fun and we were dancing away (especially William ;-) ) into the wee hours of the morning.

The Pinker Tones performing at the Symbian party

Right, best be off to the show now.

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