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  • A @font-face anti-pattern
    Posted on Thursday, 15. July 2021

    How to make working with different weights and styles of the same font in CSS easy, by avoiding a common @font-face anti-pattern.

  • Added MWC 2008 posts
    Posted on Monday, 7. September 2020

    Announcing the addition of a collection of old blog posts covering the Mobile Word Congress in 2008.

  • The cobbler's children are the worst shod
    Posted on Wednesday, 19. August 2020

    A summary of recent technical updates made to this website and a look towards its roadmap for the future.

  • Symbian Foundation at MWC 2009
    Posted on Friday, 13. February 2009

    Promo for the upcoming Symbian Foundation at MWC 2009 blog

  • Smartphone Show 2008
    Posted on Saturday, 30. August 2008

    Promo for the upcoming Smartphone Show 2008 blog


Symbian Mobile World Congress 2008 Blog

In 2008, while working for Symbian Software, I attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I was one of the staff on Symbian's stall presenting tech demos to the punters. Between shifts I got to roam the rest of the show and blog about what I found on an event blog setup by Symbian's marketing team.

This collection contains copies of all the posts I contributed to that blog.


I have also blogged elsewhere over the years:

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