Before I added a working blog section to this site, I used Medium for a few years. Now that I have my own blog, I'm replicating those posts here and making these ones the canonical ones. A kind of retroactive POSSE if you will.

Note, most of these posts there related to work I was doing at Buildit (the part of Wipro Digital I was working in at the time) and were contributed to Buildit's Medium publication (which no longer exists). If you prefer, you can view just those posts by themselves in the Buildit collection.

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  • Foreword
    Posted on Friday, 16. September 2016

    Why I reluctantly started blogging on Medium.

  • Our Atomic Journey so far
    Posted on Friday, 23. December 2016

    Sharing tips and tricks we've learnt from applying Atomic Design for over a year

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