James Nash in a nutshell

Hi there! My name is James Nash and this is my personal website. It's primarily a place for me to share things I have made, am involved in or just find interesting with the world. Who knows, perhaps it will also let long lost acquaintances find me and get in touch.

I chose the subtitle "arty phone geek" because it was the most concise summary of myself that I could think of:

  • I like drawing, doing graphics on the computer and just generally making stuff that looks nice (amazingly, some people seem to think I'm good at it too! I'll let you judge for yourself though).
  • I like gadgets and gizmos, in particular mobile phones (it's like having all the other gadgets combined into one!).
  • I consider myself a bit of geek (when I'm not playing with phones, I'm often found mucking about on the computer).

So there you go, that's me. I hope you enjoy the blog, art & links sections of my site!

Most recent blog posts

  • Nokia 6600 vs Samsung S24 Ultra
    Posted on Wednesday, 6. March 2024

    Comparing my latest smartphone to the very first one I ever owned. How things have changed over 20 years.

  • Added Wipro Digital blog posts
    Posted on Monday, 1. January 2024

    Posts I had written for the now-defunct Wipro Digital blog have now been re-published here.

  • Added Smartphone Show 2008 posts
    Posted on Wednesday, 27. December 2023

    A batch of old, external blog posts which covered Symbian's Smartphone Show 2008 has been added to this blog

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Oh yeah, incase you're wondering, I've not bothered with MySpace since I have a perfectly good "space" here (and one that doesn't look like someone barfed all over your browser either)!

About James Nash's site

The design you see before you now was released in 2009. It was the first major re-design of this site since this website launched in 2002. I lovingly hand-coded all the XHTML and CSS. All the graphicswere made in GIMP.

Originally, there was (very simple) a back-end written in PHP and it was all hosted on my own webserver . However, as of June 2020 that setup has been replaced with an 11ty-powered static site build that gets deployed via Netlify.

James Nash's Work

I currently work in a design system team at a large investment bank. Previously I was a creative technologist for a large consultancy firm, a UX consultant and a mobile software developer. I live at the intersection of UX and technology and help people from each of those disciplines better collaborate.

Unless clearly stated otherwise, everything I say and write on this site and elsewhere online is my own, personal opinion and in no way represents the views of my past or present employers!

To network professionally, please check out my: LinkedIn profile. Please note that I usually only accept people as a new contact if I've actually met them in real life!

Shameless book plug

By the way, on the (increasingly unlikely) off chance that you're into developing multimedia apps for Symbian you may find this book useful:

I wrote one of the chapters for it, so it must be good! ;-)

Obligatory badges

No self-respecting geek's site would be complete without an assortment of badges, banners and obscure codes so here are mine:

Version: 3.1
GCS d- s+:--- a+ C++$ UL P++ L+++ E W+++ N o? K? w O? M++ V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP t 5? X+ R tv+ DI++ D+ G e+++ h+ r++ y?