I've just finished copying a batch of old blog posts covering the Symbian Smartphone Show 2008 to this blog. That's all 25 posts I contributed to the original Smartphone Show blog.

As with the Mobile World Congress posts I previously copied here, I've replaced broken links with ones to Internet Archive copies, and set an appropriate <link rel="canonical" href="..."> on each post, to acknowledge that these are re-published posts and not the originals. I've also kept the original, low resolution by today's standards images for now. Perhaps, I'll replace ones where I still have the originals with higher quality ones some day.

It's been fun and interesting to revisit those old memories. Tech which was novel at the time — like zero shutter lag photography, location services or a sound equaliser — are now commonplace on smartphones 15 years later. Considering that the hardware of the day was way more constrained than even a modest smartphone of today, I'm quite impressed that we were able to deliver that kind of functionality. Symbian OS was notoriously tricky to develop for (and I have no doubt that was one of the factors that contributed to its demise), but it sure was nippy!

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