When I launched this blog last month, I mentioned I wanted to republish posts I had made elsewhere here. The first batch is now here: All my posts covering the 2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

While copying the posts over, I've taken the liberty of updating broken links to the relevant Internet Archive copies and improving some of the alt texts for images. Other than that, the content is exactly as it is on the original blog. I also set an appropriate <link rel="canonical" href="..."> on each post, to acknowledge that these are re-published posts and not the originals.

While the images are the same ones that appear on the original blog, they are low resolution by today's standards. I had a quick look through my archives and I seem to have the original photos for several of them, which are considerably better quality. Perhaps I'll swap them out in the future - a "digital remaster" of these blog posts, if you will. :-)

Revisiting these old posts was a nice trip down memory lane for me. I really enjoyed attending MWC back then and would love to do it again some day!

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