The MWC hasn't officially opened yet and two of our licensees have already announced new devices using Symbian OS. Joy!

Sony Ericsson has shown off two new UIQ / Symbian OS devices: The G700 and G900. Both are very slinky (13mm thick) candy-bar phones with touchscreens, 3G and decent cameras. In the case of the G900 it's a very decent camera: 5MP with auto-focus! How on earth did they cram that into such a thin package?

G700: Photo of the Sony Ericsson G700 phone

G900: Photo of the Sony Ericsson G900 phone

More info can be found in the following:

LG have just announced their KT610. It's running S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1 (which is built on Symbian OS 9.2). It features GPS, HSDPA (3.6Mbps), QWERTY keyboad and a 2.4" QVGA screen. Sweet! Unfortunately there don't seem to be photos available just yet, but fear not -as soon as I finish my morning shift at the Symbian stand I'll head over to LG and snap some... well, unless William beats me to it!

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