Photo collage of the "Symbian" sign above the stand, a lit-up rotating cube on the stand and a close-up of some jellybeans

The Symbian stand is up. The cube is lit and rotating. The jelly bean dispenser has been filled...

Photo collage of a coffee stand with the barista and some close-ups of Symbian-branded lip balm

...The coffee machine is present. The lip balm is ready...

I think we’re ready to go!

If you’re attending the Mobile World Congress, please come by and say hi! We’re in Hall 8, stand 8A77 (Check the MWC’s floorplans for directions if you get lost). You can see our latest tech demos, find out about Symbian OS’s cool features and of course grab a free coffee and have a chat with us. We look forward to seeing you all!

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