When they’re not busy making impressive S60 phones the Samsung folks like to throw a big party. And boy, do they know how to do that! Last night some of the Symbian crew including myself had the pleasure of attending their Samsung “Soul party” in the Opium Mar club.

Opium Mar is a huge night club that is located right on one of Barcelona’s beaches (palm trees and all). They were serving some lovely Paella complete with proper, king-sized prawns. There was a also free bar serving anything you asked for.

View of the beach from club's outdoor patio

The entertainment started with some live acts…

A group of female singers on stage

…which eventually gave way to a DJ flanked by two percussionists who played a wide variety of music until late into the night. The crowd was always heaving and us Symbianites were up there with the best of ’em dancing away on the stage. Here’s a little panoramic view of the dance floor I recorded on my phone.

[Video is no longer available online]

We all had a fantastic night there, so a very big 감사합니다 to Samsung!! ^_^

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