Photo of a stand with a large "Spice" logo on it

Spice, an Indian network operator, had some interesting and amusing phones on display. First up is a phone designed for visually impaired people. It has no screen, features braille keys and speaks out the numbers as they are pressed. Sadly there’s no text-to-speech to read SMS messages or anything like that. It is very much a pure phone-phone. Still, I think it’s a very nice idea. Well done Spice!

A phone with no display and braille on all the buttons

Next up is a gamepad attachment for a phone called the “Game King”. It looks and feels as tacky as the it sounds and kind of reminds me of the PolyStation 3!

A phone with a large, plasticy-looking gamepad attached to its side

They also had some cute freebies at the stand including a very intricate phone pouch. Something for the missus perhaps…

A blue pouch with a colourful flower pattern embroidered onto it

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