I found this little gem on NTT DoCoMo's stand. They call it the Wellness Handset and it is a prototype phone equipped with a number of sensors to determine how healthy you are. The idea is that it will rank your health and encourage you to treat your body well. As the leaflet they handed me at the demo points out: “You too can have the perfect body“!

Close-up of the wellness handset

So, what does the phone need to measure in order to figure out if you have the perfect body? Let's see, it has:

  • a pedometer
  • a heart rate monitor
  • a body fat monitor
  • and, of course, a halitosis monitor

Yep, it's no good be in the best of health if your breath reeks! ;-)

On the technical side, this was a pretty solid feeling hadset (a bit on the chunky side, but then it is still a prototype). It had a nice touchscreen which was flush with the phone's surface and a slide out keypad. It's being manufactured by Mitsubishi and runs... wait for it... Symbian OS!

Being a Japanese phone it of course comes in the obligatory wide range of colours (click the photo to enlarge):

Wellness handsets in a variety of colours

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