Over the years I have designed a number of logos for various things. I don't have any formal academic or professional training in logo design (or graphic design in general for that matter!) and just do it for fun, but I have now done some logos intended for commercial use too.

I have organised the logos on this page into the following categories:

S60 Applications

I have designed icons for some freeware Symbian / S60 applications that either didn't have their own icons or had very basic ones. Luckily the the respective developers liked my designs and used them in updates for their apps! So, if you use LightSabre, Putty for Symbian OS or Mobbler on your phone you can see my work right in your app menu! :-)

Check out my Mobbler gallery for several desktop backgrounds and variations using the Mobbler logo!


Here are some logos I have made for musicians...

Check out my Nasher gallery to see some more "DJ Nasher" & "Nasher 9 Lives" artwork!


Finally here's a bunch of other logos I've done for various things.

Try tilting the cirrus logo 90 degrees counter-clockwise... ;-)

Other galleries

You can see more artwork by James Nash in the following galleries: