Earl's Court 2

Not much longer now! The stands are being built, the demos are being set up, the speakers are preparing their keynotes and the party is being prepped. Tomorrow morning the Smartphone Show 2008 will open its doors to the public!

William will no doubt be capturing all sorts of interesting and amusing tidbits on camera and I’ll be posting about about the latest phones and technologies on display. Lots of people from Symbian are working hard to make this show the biggest and best yet and we all look forward to welcoming you there! Please come by our stand, play with our demos and have a chat with us!

Also, a quick reminder: “An Evening with S60” is happening tonight in the Nokia store on Regent Street. All About Symbian have also announced that they will be doing a mini pub-meet just beforehand in the Windmill pub which is nearby.

(The photo above is licensed under Creative Commons and derived from one by osde8info)

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