I spent some time on the NTT DoCoMo stand today. It's always fun to drool over the amazing devices and services they have over in Japan. Though it's then depressing to realise that we currently miss out on much of that stuff here in Europe. (Why I can't I do contactless payments with my phone yet, dammit!) Here are some photos of things that caught my attention...

1seg mobile TV phones with gorgeous WVGA (800x480) screens:

A selection of Japanese smartphones that can receive 1seg TV broadcasts

A white, dual-hinge clamshell phone sporting a high resolution display

A phone together with objects that presumably inspired its design:

A phone with a sleek, angular design alongside a TV remove, wall clock and calculator that share a similar aethetic

And of course, who can forget the classic waterproof phone demo:

A switched-on, waterproof phone that is fully submerged in a water tank

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